Digital Professionals Training Program

Companies of all sizes and across different industries increasingly demand to adopt new technologies. A new breed of Digital Project Professionals (DPP) was born. Regardless of job titles – Business Analyst, Project Executive, Product Manager, Digital Marketer, DPPs leading the development of these technologies oftentimes do not have any background or experience in the tech field—and this can cause problems.

When facing a software-driven world, the digital project management knowledge gap is bound to get widened and the demand for more digital project professionals (DPP) is bound to increase dramatically. It calls for an instant knowledge booster and ready to use tool to close this gap and help get digital and software projects done.

Neither do we strictly follow the traditional waterfall project approach, which is inflexible, too lengthy and too many change-request forms mounting up; nor force upon our clients the agile development, whose lack of well-defined requirements makes initial costs and resources planning impossible, and proven to be too challenging for corporates to follow.

DPP Project Template is the blended result of both methods. It represents our standardized workflow built on Trello based on our extensive digital experience. Contributed by the inputs from our pool of project specialists, and backed by the design thinking spirit, DPP Project Template facilitates Digital Project Professionals to balance Business, People (Operation), and Technical requirements, the essential skill needed to effective digital and software project management.

We did

  • Online Course Development
  • Online Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Design & Development
  • Content Development
  • Trello Workflow Template